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Energy Kinetics and Sypwai shook hands. The companies will now become partners

"Why reinvent the wheel when there are companies that will willingly assist us on our way to developing and improving our product?" - thought Martin Nisht, head of development at Energy Kinetic, and in the spring the British startup Sypwai began partnering with them.

Sypwai is developing artificial intelligence, and the economic department at Energy Kinetics estimates that the company's productivity will increase by 56 percent with the introduction of artificial intelligence into production. As a result, the company's revenues will also increase. The cooperation agreement was signed in May 2021.

Sypwai admits: "Energy Kinetics is a pleasure to work with. We know for sure that this collaboration will bring tremendous experience to both companies. We haven't had partners in kinetic energy management solutions before. We think that together we can bring each other's projects to perfection and later bring them to the market without any flaws.